Duterte hits Trillanes: He does not know about geo politics

President Rodrigo Duterte condemned Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for he believes the senator doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand complex issues in geo politics.

In an interview, Duterte said in front of reports he discarded the latest criticism of Trillanes which was thrown to him. Trillanes said the president weakened the country’s claim in the West Philippine Sea when he failed to bring it up during the recently concluded ASEAN Leaders Summit held in Manila.

“What does he… Ang alam ni… He does not know about geo politics. Trillanes is only good for compass,” said Duterte.

Duterte on the other hand believes there was no point in mentioning the sickening issue of West Philippine Sea claims in the ASEAN or forcing China to respect UN’s ruling and enable them to vacate the disputed Spratlys Islands.

The president added that raising of the issue would result in both sides losing.

“It would not be good because any violence now would result only in both sides losing. There is no winner actually. Iyong giyera na ito ngayon, pag ka sumabog lahat ‘yan.”

Trillanes has been considered as one of the greatest critics of Duterte.

He opened up the issue of Duterte is a millionaire.

Source: Politics