Duterte is eager to hear Napoles' confession on pork barrel: People want to hear truth, not doctored truth

Janet Lim Napoles seems to be hot in the eyes of Filipino people nowadays.

Everybody is hoping especially the Malacañang Palace that the reopening of the senate probe to reveal other officials and politicians tagged in the controversial pork barrel scam of Janet Lim Napoles.

According to Presidential Spokesmen Ernesto Abella said that the plan to conduct a new probe regarding the pork barrel scam which involved Napoles was an initiative of the lawmakers.

Abella however shared that President Rodrigo Duterte had stated he wanted to have a revisit in the said case since it was only one sided investigation was done during the previous administration.

Although the executive respects the independence of the Senate, the spokesman said any probe should focus on everybody regardless if they were allies or critics.

Political affiliations should be disregarded if probes are on going.

"The president wants the truth to finally come out and hold those involved, regardless of political party line or color, accountable," said Abella.

Abella also quoted the President wants the truth and not a doctord truth.

"The Filipino people deserves to know the truth in this case, not the slanted truth nor the doctored truth."

Source: Politics