Duterte says Fuck You to Philippine Inquirer and ABS-CBN: “Binaboy Niyo Kami”

President Rodroigo Dutertes loathing has not cooled off for the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This was evident in his rant against the perceived biased news networks during his speech in Davao City on Friday.

“Inaano ninyo eh. Kayong mga, kayo ‘yung puma-publish when you criticize government. Kami, kung mag-editorial kami para ng you picture us if we are pinaka-magnanakaw sa lahat ng…when as a matter of fact, kayo ‘yung sige ng binababoy ninyo kami. Kung ganon na lang itatapon ninyo sa newspaper pati ‘yang ABS na ‘yan. Isa ka pang putang ina mga mukhang pera,” said Duterte

He emphasized that when these networks publishes editorials, they would always tint the President’s name and his other fellow politicians with foul issues.

The President reiterated the filed charges of Multiple Syndicated Estafa To ABS-CBN for failing to air the President’s campaign ad in the last year election, which the media giant didn’t return Duterte’s payment for such.

He also mentioned the majority owner of the Inquirer, Rufino-Prieto family, of how they manipulated the court in to squat on a government owned property in Makati which its lease has expired for 15 years, added to this is the family’s food business namely Dunkin’ Donut franchise which tax dues decreased to P8 million from P1.5 billion.

“Press freedom, press freedom kayo ‘yung number one magnanakaw, ayaw ninyo isauli ‘yung propiedad, press freedom. Kami? How about our freedom? We have our freedom of expression, to express our anger and that is my also constitutional right. Mukha kayong pera, kakapal ng mukha ninyo. Kayong taga-media. You want to know my sentiments? Fuck you,” said Duterte.

Source: Politics