Duterte Says Martial Law in Mindanao Will Be Like the Marcos' Time: I'd Be Harsh

Expect President Rodrigo Duterte to rule over Mindanao with an iron fist now that he has declared martial law.

President Rodrigo Duterte will not take on easily the fighting he has to make on terrorism.

“Ang martial law is martial law ah. So kayong mga kababayan ko, you have experienced martial law. It could not be any different from what the President Marcos did. I’d be harsh,” he said in an interview with Communications Secretary Mocha Uson on board his return flight to the Philippines on May 24

Duterte have already repeatedly warned the public before with regards to his declaration of martial law.

“Sinabi ko nga sa lahat eh, do not force my hand into it. I have to do it to preserve the Republic of the Philippines and the Filipino people,” he said to justify his actions.

“Mga kababayan natin.. Do not be too scared. I’m going home, I’m cutting my visit here to be with my countrymen and I will deal with the problem once I arrive”, the President urged the public not to be fearful.

The President urgency to address the security crisis in Mindanao, he had to cut his official visit to Russia short so he can return to the Philippines immediately.

Asked how long martial law will be in place in Mindanao, Duterte said: “If it would take a year to go then … I will do it. If it is over within a month then I’ll be happy.”

Under the 1987 Constitution, a declaration of martial law must not go beyond 60 days. Congress, however, may extend the proclamation of martial law for a period it will determine if the invasion or rebellion shall persist and public safety requires it.

Source: Politics