Duterte Signs Executive Order No. 25: Benham Rise is Now Philippine Rise

A promise to rename Benham Rise is made by President Rodrigo Duterte. On May 16, 2017, he fulfills that promise by signing an executing order calling the resource-rich area off Luzon Philippine Rise.

It is stated under Executive Order No. 25, that every single mention of Benham Rise in local and international maps and charts shall be changed to Philippines Rise.

Through the Department of Foreign Affairs and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority and other related government agencies, the Philippine government will be in charge of the communication to the concerned international organizations concerning the said change.

The available funds of Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and other concerned agencies will be utilized for the initial costs relating to the implementation of the Executive Order

The  EO No. 25 was already signed on May 16 but a copy was only released to the media on May 22.

Philippine Rise is a 13-million hectare undersea plateau which lies 216 kilometers east of the coast of Aurora province.

According to Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, renaming the area into Philippine Rise was part of the bid to make it a ”protected food supply exclusive zone.”

Source: Politics