Duterte Threatens UN Envoy : “I Will Arrest You. You Are Committing Perjury”

United Nations (UN) received a warning from the President Rodrigo Duterte who is prepared to take legal action against them.

Duterte threatened Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions to get him arrested and prosecuted for prejudging him without proper investigation.

Criticisms on Duterte’s campaign on was against illegal drugs which was presumed to have resulted in over a thousand violent deaths was hardly pushed by Callamard.

Drug abuse expert Carl Hart’s statement that shabu doesn’t cause violence and brain damage was used by the UN official to counter Duterte’s claim that shabu shrinks the brain.

On the President’s new television program on a Friday night, he stated, “If you want to testify against me, you must be under oath, including the rapporteur. If you want to state your charges, be under oath because if there is anything false or a lie there, I will go after you”.

“And I will see to it that you’ll go to jail first. Talagang hahatakin, even if you are a foreigner, I don’t know if you enjoy diplomatic advantage. But again, pagka ginawa mo ‘yan dito, I will arrest you. You are committing perjury,” he added.

Duterte strongly stood to his statement as that illegal drugs actually cause heinous crimes. He actually emphasized the 77,000 Filipinos death from drug-related crimes through the years.

The President’s critics were basically making him look that he’s killing drug suspects “for nothing” by insisting that shabu is of no harm.

Duterte said Callamard is crazy for thinking that the President would undergo an investigation when she already has premature conclusion about shabu use.

Callamard, however is still welcome to visit the Philippines, only that the Philippine President will no longer pay attention.

Source: Manila Bulletin