Duterte to ABS-CBN : “Mukhang pera, kayong mga Lopez”

President Duterte said he wasn’t the only one whose money ABS-CBN didn’t return. Referring to the campaign ad the broadcast company failed to air.

He also supposed that even the payments of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano and former Pasig congressman Roman Romulo for ads which it did not air were also pocketed by the network.

Cayetano was Dutete’s running mate while Romulo campaigned for senator.

“Tinanggap nila ‘yung pera ko, natapos nalang ang eleksyon wala namang… Ni wala naman sabihin na isauli sa iyo. Ako, si Cayetano, si Romulo, marami kami,” he said.

“Marami kami halos… Ewan lahat ng politiko na gi-tabla ng ABS-CBN,” Duterte added.

The Lopez family was called “money faced” (mukhang pera) by the President.

The campaign ad on was supposed to be a response to the negative propaganda drawn by Senator Antonio Trillianes IV which Duterte has entrusted to ABS-CBN

“Wala kung hindi ako nagsabi magnanakaw kayo, eh talagang mukhang pera ka naman, kayong mga Lopez,” he said. “Mukha ninyo pera. Bastos kayo. Binastos ninyo kami, hindi lang ako mga pulitiko.”

The president accused the famous network to be guilty of “large scale estafa” for failing to return the payments he and other politicians paid. 

 “Kaming mga pulitiko, President mismo lolokohin mo? P***** i** kayo,” he said.

He then warns ABS-CBN to start patching things up and not wait for the 25th hour, “for the bells to toll to sound your kneel of grief”, the president cautions.

 “A day is only 24. Do not wait for the 25th hour because that could be too late. Walang 25 hours eh, it’s only 24. But if it does, better think twice,” the President added.

Source: Politics