Duterte Turns Down 250 Million From European Union Aid

Development aid from the European Union are no longer accepted by the Philippine Government, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea told the report due to the bias and criticism President Rodrigo Duterte has been receiving from them.

250 million euros (S$388 million) is blocked by the government to prevent European Unions to interfere in the internal affairs of the Philippines.

The said aid could have been for the strengthening of the termination of the Muslim rebellion in the war-torn southern Philippine island of Mindanao which is nearly 50 years now.

Medialdea’s statement stressed that the turning down of EU aid has something to do with the administration’s independent foreign policy. The Philippines does not want EU community to be questioning the Philippine government on issues regarding human rights in connection to the Duterte’s drug war.

A total killing of 2,700 suspected drug users and traffickers, 1800 dead in drug-related incidents and 5, 700 violent deaths which are still under investigation have been recorded by the police since the 72-year-old President Duter took the office in June.

The EU has expressed concerns over these killings.

These incidents gave rise to the EU’s fears.

In one of the President’s news briefings, he called Ban Ki Moon the then-UN chief a “fool” and even literally gave EU the finger

In March, the EU summoned the Philippine envoy in Brussels to explain an expletive-laden tirade by Mr Duterte threatening to hang EU officials opposing his bloody drug war.

"I will just be happy to hang you. If I have the preference, I'll hang all of you. You are putting us down. You are exerting pressure in every country with the death penalty." Mr Duterte said at that time.

The president also reproved the EU on their proposal about a health-based solution calling the suggestion a “government-sponsored idiotic exercise”.

Duterte claimed that the EU wanted the government to build clinics where methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin could be dispensed to addicts. On which the EU denied by statement that it has not been suggested, discussed, proposed or considered the use of any substitution drugs when treating addiction to methamphetamine or any other drug addiction in the Philippines".

Mr. President stood firm and said he is ready to rot in jail from protecting the Filipino people on crimes related to drugs. He continuously denied condoning extrajudicial killings.

Source: Straitstimes.com