Duterte’s Impeachment Case: A Tough Success for the Minority

The motions of deciding whether the impeachment complain against President Rodrigo Duterte meets the necessary standards is anticipated to be concluded by the House of the Representatives on Monday. The case progressing in the Congress dominated by administration cronies is however, yet another story.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman spoke with the Inquirer via phone on Sunday telling them that he thinks it will survive the form, but he thinks the supermajority will try to kill it with respect to substance.

Lagman along with Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano belong to the “independent minority bloc” as they call it. They both filed the impeachment complaint.

Lagman also said that the before the House dismiss the impeachment, it should give Gary LAejano the chance to be heard by the committee and the public.

To determine if the complaint is meets the required substance, “There is the standard recital of facts constituting the offense’, said Lagman.

In a separate interview, Alejano told the Inquirer that he felt that his contemporaries have the intent to kill the complaint but he was prepared to face the House on justice. He continues however, to hope that the process will be followed.

“People’s Will” is what the House of the Representatives is paying respect for according to Assistant Majority Leader Salvador Belaro Jr’s statement on Saturday.

He explained it that the majority respects the 16.6 million votes for President Duterte in the 2016 which has served for only less than a year of his six-year term, the very reason of the rejection of the impeachment complaint.

When Duterte became the President, political collaborators shifted alliances to his side, hence the House is dominated by Duterte’s supporters.

292 House member is required for the complaint to be proceeded to the Senate for trial.

Betrayal of public trust for ordering the killings of numbers of drug suspects; garnering P2 billion in unidentified wealth; and abandoning his duty of protecting Philippine territory from China’s aggressive incursions are the motives of the impeachment complaint against the President.

Lagman insisted for a proper hearing to happen and the complaint could not be just dismissed or sustained outright for it is what is mandated by the Constitution.

Alejano added, “The recital of facts, for example, will include that Mr. Duterte espoused the policy of killing”.

He asked for his fellow lawmakers to be not presuming of the complaint that the President did not commit any crimes against humanity in the war on illegal drugs.

Source: Inquirer