Ex-DENR chief Lopez reveals what Ipilan Mining did after her re-appointment rejection: it’s disgusting

Former Department of Enviroment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Gina Lopez burst out in anger on her social media account after learning what Ipilan Mining did two days right after the Commission on Appointments rejected her reappointment.

In her Facebook post published May 18, Lopez uploaded photos that would exactly describe the happenings in Ipilan.

She said without permit, they massacred thousands of century old threes affecting 3 thousand hectares of agricultural land.

“Two days after my rejection, Ipilan Nickel Corp. in Brooke's Point - WITHOUT A PERMIT, WITHOUT PROTECTED AREA CLEARANCE - went on a massacre - cutting down THOUSANDS of century old trees, affecting 3 thousand hectares of agriculture land, 30 thousand people, 5 barangays - they BARRED THE MAYOR from entering. Disgusting!” said Gina her post.

The ex chief also shared the Mayor of Ipilan wanted to put up an eco park because the place was so perfect with the shades coming from the trees.

She also hit Dominguez who said mining is good for the economy.

“Brooke's Point has 11% growth - and no mining. Bataraza has two mining companies and below 0% growth. El Nido has 49% growth. So when Dominguez says mining is good for the economy, THE NUMBERS DONT SHOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I tell Sec. Dominguez - who says we can have extractive industries and environmentalism at the same time - NOT THIS KIND OF EXTRACTIVE!!!!!!! That doesn't follow rules, they feel nothing about cutting trees that people rely on because they sustain the watershed. And so for investors that want to do this, GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!” she added.

According to Gina, the parent company of this mining firm is Global Ferroncikel Holdings Inc.

As to this writing, the said post has generated 29000 mixed reactions from netizens.

Below is Gina Lopez' Fcebook post:

Source: Facebook