Ex-military rebel suggests how to handle ASG and Maute in Marawi City

Perhaps the best teacher is indeed the experience. This has been the point of a former military rebel named Abe Purugganan who offered an advice to President Rodrigo Duterte on how to handle the situation in Marawi.

Using his social media account on Facebook, Purugganan gave five concrete solutions to the problem.

“The Abu Sayaf and Maute group have been pestering us for a long time. They have to be stopped. And to do this, it requires an extraordinary solution or extreme measures, and I am recommending to the President as a citizen of this country to organized a covert Special Operations Group that will be dedicated in neutralizing these two groups,” said Abe.

The special operations group should entail a strategist, tacticians, intelligence officers, selected warriors from scout rangers, or SAF, legal officers, and logistic officers.

According to Abe, the group should be well funded, supported, and equipped,

“The group should be well funded, supported and equipped. They should be authorized to command government resources both from military and civilian agencies and units to accomplish their mission.
Their operations would be covert. It would be independent of AFP operations but they will be under the direction of DND,” he added.

Purugganan urged people to let the President read his post.

“If you agree with this recommendation, owned it. And by all means necessary, send it to the President and pray that he reads it personally and approves of it.”

Purugganan is an alumna of the National Defense College of the Philippines and currently taking up Master of National security Administration.

Below is Abe Purugganan's Facebook post:

Source: Abe Purugganan