“FACE CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS” Duterte Warns Higher Courts Against Protecting Oligarchs

“Jina-jamming ninyo ang Filipino. Kayong mga Justices mamili kayo: return the property of the government to the people or there will be a time I will not honor your orders and you shall have created a constitutional crisis,” said President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech in Davao del Norte where he directed a warning to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

This issue of the President cautioning the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals is about the two higher courts’ contradiction on siding with oligarchs like the Rufino-Prieto family from giving back what the government and the poor rightfully deserved.

The President emphasized the case of the Rufino-Prieto family’s Creekside-Mile Long property in Makati, which has a lease contract signed during the Marcos years and has expired in 2002. Despite the efforts of the government to evict, the family has dodged off these attempts.

Duterte also said that that the Supreme Court has already ordered them to return the property, but they filed a case for TRO at the Court of Appeals, indicating the resistance of the family to give back what the government and the poor rightfully deserved.

The President’s plan for the Creekside-Mile Long property is for it be sold and use the funds to build housing for the poor.

Source: Politics