Fearless Pinay writer describes Callamard in two words: Stupid Rapporteur

With her indirect remarks that War on Drugs in the Philippines isn't working, United Nations Special Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard receives attention from Filipinos especially the Duterte supporters.

During her speech as Keynote Speaker in the recently held 30th Anniversary of Commission on Human Rights, Callamard emphasized that war on drugs add more problem in a country.

On that note, social media blogger and writer Krizette Laureta Chu hits Callamard pointing out she doesn't know anything and has no background on illegal drugs.

"Agnes a quick view of your work experience says your work background is on Human Rights, never drugs, pharmacology, chemistry, psychology. You have no background on drugs. Kapal mong makapag sabi ng drugs do not cause brain damage and drug war does not work, bruha ka," said Chu in her post published in her social media account on Facebook.

Chu challenged Callamard to put her in a drug den for 24 hours if she could still say the same remark afterwards.

The writer likened her to the Libera Party. "You're just like LP, you know, MARU. Nagmamarunong," she added.

On the comment section of her post, Chu described Callamard as the most stupid rapporteur. "Callamard is the most stupid rapporteur ever."

Below id the full Facebook post of Krisette Laureta Chu

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu