Forbes contributor describes Duterte as Ph's greatest threat, gives advice to Congress to abort Martial Law

The President's decision in declaring Martial Law in Mindanao garnered both praise and criticisms all over the world.

Anders Corr a contributor of Forbes News said this move by the Philippine President is the country's greatest threat.

Corr claimed that the President used the terrorism in Mindanao as an excuse to come up with the decision but he already longed decided on it. He said the riot in Mindanao could be dealt with in many ways other than Martial Law. Regular police or army work can already put peace to it  he assumed.

He stated the four-point program that Dr. Priscilla Tacujan has argued in Small Wars Journal to unrest Mindanao. First in the program is disarmament, followed by strong local governments or federalism, then a diversified market  economy and lastly is civic education and community relations. It is noticed that martial law is not part of the prescription.

Corr said Duterte is following the Ferdinand Marcos path in authoritarianism. The Former President Marcos is know to have ruled in the Philippines for 21 years and used martial law to torture and brutalism.

"The greatest threat in the Philippines today is not traffic, drugs or terrorists, but the President. The Victim will be the Constitution. Use it or lose it". Corr warned the Philippine voters and political representatives.

LAstly he urged the Filipino people to go against martial law and impeach Duterte.

Source: Forbes