Imee Marcos eyes for community-owned power plants to be owned by farmers

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos is rooting for the establishment of the community-owned power plants in the province to ensure sustainable and stable power supply.

At present, the province is already a home to three windfarms includinv the 150-megawatt wind project in Burgos which is the biggest windfarm in the entire Southeast Asia.

Department of Energy mentioned that within the premise of Burgos Wind Farm is a 7MV solar farm which is the first in the world.

Imee said the province is trying to combine solaa and wind as well as solar and hydro.

To own a community-owned power plants is part of her long term goal.

"We have one small 1MV plant that's now powering up about five barangays,"said Marcos.

The governor said her province is hopeful that kn the future, these projects will be owned by the farmers since the land belongs to them.

"Given our wealth of wind and solaf resources, we don't see the need to embark upon huge coal-fired plants," she concluded.

Source: Manila Bulletin