Indonesian President likens himself to President Duterte: We both believe in people from provinces

Birds with the same feather flock together.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo believes he and President Rodrigo Duterte possess a common trait as a leader over raising economic opportunities for the people from the provinces.

In his speech during the launch of a ferry that will link the Philippines and Sulawesi, Indonesia, Widodo felt great to be in a beautiful city like Davao.

He shared he was also a former mayor of a solo city which made him value his people.

"Like you, Mr. President I was also a mayor in a beautiful solo city and also I can very well imagine Mr. President how much the city means to you and to you citizens, how much this president means to you," he said.

Widodo also shared that he focused his leadership through building infrastructures, economic alleviation, and development more in the provinces instead of the capital cities like Jakarta.

"The people in the outer region is just as strong and resourceful in the capital cities. They only need one thing, that is to be given a chance," Indonesian President exclaimed.

He said he hopes the new roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) Davao-General Santos-Bitung route would boost trade between Indonesia and the Philippines.

His speech pointed out that transportation is important to save air time for travels especially in times of chaos and war.

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Source: ABS-CBN