Late Sen. Santiago’s sister to Robredo for announcing her daughter’s Harvard journey: Tanga ka talaga!

Younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for announcing her daughter’s Harvard study.

Paula Defensor-Knack using her Facebook account criticized the Vice President because her announcement might harm her daughter if there are criminals who might have an interest for her.

Knack uploaded a meme of Robredo with a caption”Kape para kay Robreo, laging tanga!”

“Alam mo Robredo tanga ka talaga! In-announce mo sa buong mundo kung saan papunta anak mo, at kung anong department mag-aaral at kelan. Eh kung may criminal na nagka-interest? Sino sisihin mo?” said in the meme.

Knack also said that Robredo might be having a hard time keeping their wealth in secret that’s why she announced her daughter’s whereabouts.

In a recent post of Knack, she emphasized that it is Robredo who jeopardize the safety of her own child.

“No one cares about the schooling of your child, but since day 1 you have announced it to the whole world as whose fault is it? It was you who invited the public to the life of your child, dahil tanga ka eh. You put the safety of your own child in danger by announcing her school and her academic program. It is you who crave for attention, not your child,” said Knack in her previous post.

She advised Leni to care about her SALN and nothing more.

In an open forum at St. Theresa’s College on Saturday, Robredo shared that one of her detractors wrote the school management that she could not afford to send Aika to Harvard with her income that she used ill-gotten wealth to send her child.

Source: Facebook