'Leni Robredo is A Rotting Mango'

Leni Robredo being the Vice President is too much for her capability. Her supporters overly upheld her name and now she’s struggling to portray the promising role they have created for her. This occurrence in the politics should serve as a lesson to other politicians – to make their press releases believable and close to reality as possible to steer clear of instant rise and fall of integrity.

She is nothing but a neophyte politician who just reads the script that her secretary wrote her during press conferences and not really living up to them. She doesn’t even have the sobriety nor the basic understanding with the people to have the right to be called a good leader, much less a great leader.

She took advantage of her late husband’s honored name into making people believe that she is of the same level of influence, backed up by a fake humility of commuting through bus and preferring to use the stairs gave her the chance to fool people that they have a humble, unpretentious potent candidate.

And on the grounds of her being an amateur, it is expected that the way she handles the country’s key issues is also crude. From the management of the Housing and Development Council, to the way she interacts with the President and her untamed loyalty to her political party are some of the issues that further provoked the already opposed sentiments of the people.

And what is more hateful is that instead of her making something to get better on her weaknesses, she and her team becomes deaf on whoever that tries to speak and correct them.

Her voters who fell for her game backfired big time as reflected on the latest polls last March 2017 that Robreo has lost more than double her June 2016 ratings of 63% and is now down to 30%.

Giving Leni a shot to prove her worth as a leader will give rise to two way road decision: If she will be able to put bar against her party's policies agenda ahead of what's good for the country or if she will be able to accept the people's will who are obviously rooting for the President.

Whichever road will she take will define her political story.  Let's just cross our fingers and hope that she will not remain to be a "Hinog sa pilit na Pulitiko. Kinalburo, dilaw sa labas, bulok sa Loob" as Carlos Munda coined her.

Source: Mindnation