READ AND WATCH! Int'l media BBC features Pres. Duterte's loyal supporters

President Rodrigo Duterte might be widely criticized for his war against illegal drugs however his approval rating to the Filipinos is consistently going up.

A documentation published by international network BBC went viral for featuring the common citizens who think the President is on the right track for leading the country.

Arseno Boy supports the president’s anti-corruption policies. According to this spectator, he believes that Duterte’s animal wisdom is sent by God.

“He is a different animal and 16 plus million people like that animal wisdom, it’s really a wisdom sent by God. We fully support the president because of his promise change is coming, change is really coming and political will is so strong. The wisdom is there . It is heaven sent because now there is fear, and the crime against person and property is going down,” said Arseno,

On the other hand, a mother who just delivered her child named Irene Llenas said she is with Duterte for birth control measures.

Llenas said she can see the benefit of using such even the Catholic church considers it as an abortion.

“They say that the priests are against it, right? They consider it abortion. I now agree with the president when he says it is OK to use it. The president is right. I also support his war on drugs. I am in favor of it so the number of drug addicts and criminals will go down. I have saved young girls from being raped by  addict.’

A bystander named Arnel said he doesn’t want to die or to kill someone, however the problems of illegal drugs in the country is getting serious. He said, Duterte made the right decision.

“I support President Duterte’s war on drugs. For a catholic, killing is a sin. But we are already here. It’s difficult to explain but we need to do this to solve the drug problem. I also do not want to due, to kill or to be killed, but it’s very hard to solve drug problem so that’s why the killings are needed.”

You can watch the video on BBC's website or by clicking here.