LOOK: The Philippine President’s Mystery Woman

“Sir, Nagjojoke ka ba?” (Sir, are you joking?), reporters kept asking when they had a chance to interview President Rodrigo Duterte in Hong Kong.

A mystery woman named “Vanessa” is rumored to have been a new relationship of the President which he had been teasingly telling.

Also in Hong Kong after his meeting with the Overseas Filipino workers on the 13th of May, he marked “Vanessa, if the Commission or BIR runs after me, all the truth about Vanessa – but as of now she remains incognito”.

On the recent Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) of the President, he claimed that Vanessa is the source of the additional P3 million* ($60,337), and which he added a joking statement of "Mabait siya (She is kind), and someday I will reveal the truth,".
However, by the end the interview, he took back his joke by stating that the said funds came from excess campaign funds he did not know whom to return to.

On the other hand, the reporters ask further about Vanessa if she’s single, the President continued kidding when he said that it seems that Vanessa doesn’t want to tell the truth if she’s separated or single

He also added specifics details about this supposedly fictional woman, that she is from Metro Manila and she has been accompanying the President during some foreign trips.

Duterte claims that she was always a member of the delegation on his previous trips, but his trip to Hong Kong, however, he did not tag Vanessa along, he is instead with his longtime partner Honeylet Avanceña and daughter Veronica.

The President claimed that his relationship with Vanessa started after the 2016 elections
President Rodrigo Duterte will always inject humor on his public speeches, on which he stated that media should not take seriously any “outrageous” statement he utters.

He is also open on his appreciation for beautiful women, from government officials and even his own security aide.

Source: Rappler