LOOK: Religion’s Tolerance on the “Morality” of Death Penalty

Fr. Robert Reyes also known as the “running priest”, led 15 pilgrims from 15 regions who arrived in Legazpi City,  the Lakbay Buhay (Walk for Life) even on May 14, Sunday wherein he said that the country is at a crossroads under the strongman Duterte’s determination to push the revival of the death penalty.

According to Reyes, they are fighting against death penalty because if this is reinstated, there will be free killing of Filipinos.

During the presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, death penalty was abolished through Republic Act 9346 in 2006. The proposal of the reinstatement of the death penalty of President Duterte is a “Blatant breach of international law” as said by the Commission on Human Rights.

Reyes also hinted the lawmakers who were in favor of the of the death penalty’s re-occurrence. “People compromise all the time depending on who are the bosses. A lot of very conscientious Catholics are now swallowing their pride and principles", Reyes pointed.

In line to this, a social action director of the Diocese of Legazpi, Fr Rex Paul Arjona, gave precautions of democracy.

"If there is not enough popular opinion and the people will just stay silent and do nothing, then [Duterte's] penchant for power will grow even more," he said.

"It's up to the people to stand up for what is right and also to remind our legislators to [take a stand] against death penalty. If we consider this normal already, [it] will lead to dictatorship," Arjona added.

13 senators are predicted to vote against death penalty bill as Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said last April that death penalty is already “dead” the Senate.

The “Junk Death Penalty! #LakbayBuhay” petition will be carried to the Senate on May 24.

Source: Rappler