LOOK: TP reveals how Putin stopped everything for Duterte

Founder of social media blog Thinking Pinoy, RJ Nieto shared how Russian President Vladimir Putin stopped everything just to meet President Rodrigo Duterte after he learned that he need to cut his trip short because of the Marawi city incident.

Nieto who was also in Moscow to cover the state visit of the President narrated how the meeting happened.

"Five hours before leaving for the Philippines, President Duterte's team informed Russian President Vladimir Putin of the unique and unfortunate situation. Our government asked its Russian counterpart if it's possible to have the Putin-Duterte meeting, originally scheduled a couple of days later, immediately," said Nieto.

He added that the Russian President was in a far city of Sochi. He flew back immediately to met Duterte.

"Putin, who was in the faraway Russian city of Sochi, obliged. He immediately flew back to Moscow, got on a helicopter from the airport to Kremlin, and met with Duterte. Putin, despite his extremely exhausting and jam-packed schedule, went out of his way to accommodate our humble request," he added.

According to Nieto, this gesture of Putin showed respect to the Filipino race."that's how much respect Pres. Putin and Russia have for us Filipinos. Yes, the Russians treated our delegation with the utmost dignity and respect."

Below is Rj Nieto's Facebook post:

Source: Thinking Pinoy