Mindanaoans Lectures UP Diliman Students on declaration of Martial Law

The University of the Philippines received a lot of criticisms instead of support from the people, especially those who are from Mindanao for the students’ attitude towards the declaration of Martial Law.

Netizens posted tremendous amount of negative comments on various social media sites and most of them have gone viral like the photo of the rallyists posted by the Philippine Collegian Facebook fan page.

Even the top comments from Sar Ali of Marawi City garnered thousand likes: “Hiyang hiya naman ako sa mga taga UP. I am from Marawi po. We want this terrorism to end. Bat kau feeling affected”. She pointed the need for Martial law to address the dangers brought by the Maute group.

Another comment from someone named Gia Candido said that if the UP students really care for Mindanao, instead of rallying they should be initiating donations for the victims.

Macoi Tocmo commented “Mga besh NEWSFLASH you don't make boka instead you shower bala the terrorists. What part of TERORISTA you did not intindi. Your PA-CANDLE LIGHTING and KILOS PROTESTA kyeme won't do jackshit to the innocent civilians scared for their lives in Marawi. For sure when it comes to actual defending of our bayan, you are not ready to pick a gun, make putok and make puksa the kalabans of the state. Do yourself a favor at itigil niyo yang useless hullabaloo ninyo, try niyo nga kagatin to death yung mga hayup na Maute with your braces on, instead of making bulabula your mouth with your useless #Fierce #FreedomFighter protest, baka you guysh can have pakinabang pa. The people of Mindanao are like very hiyang-hiya naman sa inyo. Nandito ang Martial Law at kayo ang super ingay slash mema diyan. Diba us dapat ang mag mag join sa windangan portion at hindi kayo, mga upstage diva! Pweh! Look at us oh, we are super fucking chill here. Mga buricat!”

Someone also questioned the advocacy of the students of UP Diliman after they stood up for Mindanao while they criticized the students of Visayas and Mindanao who topped the recent Bar Exam

As to this writing the UP Students who are currently bashed by Netizens have not released an official statement regarding the issue.

Source: Facebook