MUST WATCH! Insults on the Results: Counter Rebuttal of a Bar Exam Top Notcher

It was confirmed that the result o the 2016 bar exams has been somewhat surprising noticing that no one from the known schools from Manila made it to the Top 10. The top notchers are all from Visayas and Mindanao, the reason this “first time in history” occurrence garnered both pleasant and mean comments on social media. Some welcomed this change and other considered it as anomalous.

Justin Ryan Morilla of the Ateneo de Davao University and the 5th placer of the 2016 Bar Examination was asked by Mindanation’s Yna Bote to guest on the Mindanation Youtube Channel to react to some of the mixed comments in the social media that they randomly collected.

One of the stements  is a facebook post from someone named Ari, “baka nagbago standards, bumaba”, which Morilla argue against that he never heard that the bar examinee and their committee lowered the passing grade to 70% or lower.

Another statement was “I can’t believe that none of the reputable law schools made it to the Top 10, maybe they started counting from the bottom”, said a facebook post from Marivic.

Morilla derisively answered, “so she’s saying na ako ang top 5 lowest?”

“I think if you’re a person who values education here in the country, you’d be well aware of the top universities and you’d be ofcourse knowledgeable about schools apart from ADMU, UP or whatever schools you have in Manila. You’d know about USC, Siliman and you’d know about Ateneo de Davao University, so where did you graduate Miss?” he sarcastically stated.

A post of someone named Wenifredo said to expect more mediocre and incompetent lawyer in the country, with which Yna Bote responded that the moment the test papers were checked, the examinee’s  whereabouts are not revealed on the paper, only the examinee number and set of answers are being reflected.

Morilla then finishes off the “reaction video” by a message telling everyone to learn to celebrate in greatness and appreciate people’s strengths as well as their weaknesses regardless of the place or the school they have graduated from.

Watch The Video:

Source: Mindanation