Netizen defends Mocha Uson from bashers on her appointment as PCOO Asec: Help her instead

The appointment of Mocha Uson as PCOO Assistant Secretary created havoc in the social media. It has been divided into two, the pro and the anti.

A netizen named Michelle Callanta Toledo stood from Uson's haters defending her from all of her bashers.

Toledo strongly believed that citing Mocha's past life doesn't make someone to become a better candidate for the said position.

"But please don't think that by demeaning her livelihood, by making fun of her profession, by belittling her honest means to make a living, bu using her sexuality and career choice to attack her person makes you a better candidate to be PCOO Asec or simply a better human being together," said Toledo.

This netizen also  added Mocha wants to make a difference through her service for the public.

"Instead of hating on her, why don't you all just help her? Instead of shaming her, why don't you encourage her," Toledo challenges Uson's bashers.

She labelled all of these people as crabs and fake feminists.

"F*cking crabs and fake feminists all around, shame on all of you. If my daughter were ever put in a position where she felt she needed to be a racy dancer to make a living, well I cam only hope that she be the best godddamned sexy dancer this world has ever seen and in her spare time, rule this whole social media indistry and create an empire to do good. The best way she knows. I will trust her heart to do that," Toledo concluded.

As to this writing, her post generated 4700 reactions.

Below is the full Facebook post of Michelle Callanta Toledo

Source: Michelle Callanta Toledo