Netizen reacts to CNN's headline saying: trump invited admitted killer to white house

A netizen reacted on a controversial headline from the CNN News which obviously hit President Rodrigo Duterte.

A photograph of the controversial headline was uploaded by a netizen Rocky Gonzales, and re-uploaded by Hayden U. Sison.

“Trump invites admitted killer to white house,” says the headline.

Netizen Sison addressed the CNN through his counter argument that the “killer” president of the Philippines is ruling a country that has been bombed more countries after World War 2.

“Dear CNN, Our "Killer" president will be visiting a country that has bombed more countries after World War 2 than any other country on the entire planet,” said Sison in his caption.

Sison enumerated all the countries which attacked Philippines, concluding his list with 32 nations.

“All terrorist organizations use bombs. Some of them just don’t have an air force,” Sison added.

Sison’s rant on facebook has been seconded by netizens. A netizen named Rjohn Isiderio  said Duterte is avoiding America because of its control freak mechanism to other countries.

“well its one of the reason why our president avoids america as much as possible.... if they cant control you they will destroy you first through false information then i wont even be shocked if they will accuse our president harboring weapons of mass destruction.. after that is through arms,” he said.

On the other hand, a netizen named Jana Vanessa Baladiang Sotaridona said CNN is opinionated and biased in reporting.

“Shame on you CNN and US! If you claim that our President is a killer then what do you call your ancestors and those americans who bomb and kill innocent people in other countries... nahiya naman kami sa inyo! Pwede ba tingnan niyo muna sa salamin ang ichura niyo bago niyo kami husgahan! “

As to this writing, Sison’s post has generated 2800 reactions from netizens.

Source: Hayden U. Sison