Netizen suspects Bam Aquino who might have done something fishy before the Marawi City Attack

A controversial Facebook post from a netizen which points out that Bam Aquino might have done something connected to the Marawi City Attack is now leaking online on the said social media platform.

On May 19, Sen. Aquino was in Marawi city to inaugurated the first Negosyo Center in the ARMM, and that was 4 days before the Marawi clash.

"The first negosyo center in the ARMNN has been inaugurated in Marawi City, giving entrepreneurs in the city and nearby areas a reliable ally in helping them to start and develop their business," said in a press release published under the website of the senator.

Here comes the post of netizen named Jelomir Abcede who said everytime the President is on official business, it seems like the national security is threathened.

"What I've nothiced is that everytime the President leaves for abroad, problems relating to national security arise. I don't believe this is a coincidence," said Abcede.

"Did Bam Aquino have a meeting with the Maute Rebels before the Marawi City attack? His official PNP escorts at hanggang Iligan City lang during his visit to Marawi City. May ibang grupong pumalit sa kanyang escorts from Iligan City to Marawi City," Abcede added.

He also said that the government should look into this angle since the Aquinos have been historically associated with rebels.

Below is Jelomir Abcede's full Fcebook post:

As to this point, Sen. Aquino has no comment yet on the said issue.

Source: Jelomir Abcede