New York Times talks about doomed impeachment complaint against Duterte

United States based print media company, The New York Times featured the doomed impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte on May 15.

42 out of 50 committee members preset in the hearing of House Committee for Justice voted to declare the complaint lacking in substance.

The New York Times however said the complaint went to trash because it was the president himself who controls and backs up the justice committee.

“The Justice Committee of the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Duterte backers, reviewed the complaint and declared it insufficient,” said in the article.

Majority leader, Rudy Fariñas said Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano had no “personal knowledge” on his allegations to the president.

Alejano said the action to the action to stop the complaint showed the government’s unwillingness to act.

“Institutions are just unwilling and are unable to prosecute the president,” Mr. Alejano said in an interview. “What is the people’s recourse? Where will you complain? We will look for other ways to seek justice.”

On the other hand, New York Times also discussed about the complaint filed against the President before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

“The move comes after a complaint was filed against Mr. Duterte at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Last month a Filipino lawyer for two men who say they were paid assassins for Mr. Duterte when he was mayor of Davao City asked the court to charge Mr. Duterte and 11 other Philippine officials with mass murder and crimes against humanity.”

Romel Bagares, a human rights lawyer at the Center for International Law in Manila, said the House’s decision “shouldn’t really be a surprise” given that a majority of the 292-member House supports the president.

Source: NY Times