OVP’s response on netizen’s FOI request re: travel expenses of Robredo leaks online

A netizen practicing his Freedom on Information (FOI) tried to ask the Office of the Vice President about the travel expenses of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Howard Hontanosas however received an unexpected response from the OVP after they rejected his request.

Social media blogger and political analyst Sass Sasot shared Hontanosas’ message on her Facebook page.

In the said message, the netizen said he has problems with his FOI request to the OVP because they rejected it since the OVP found it as an unreasonable request.

“Ms. Sasot, I just viewed your post regarding your FOI request to the OSG. I too also have problems with my FOI request but not from the OSG but to the Office of the VP. I requested for Leni's travel expenses but they rejected it because they said that I did not reasonably describe the purpose of my request,” said Hontanosas in his message to Sass along with the screen captured image of his request to the OVP.

The social media blogger said it was ironical since Leni was the one who filed the FOI bill when she was still a congresswoman.

The netizen further said his question on how to reasonably describe the purpose so that the request shall be granted.

Howard added he’s been doing the same request to other government agencies but none of those declined his request.

“My question is, how do you reasonably describe your purpose for a Freedom of Information request? I have written several FOI requests to diff. agencies and neither one of them rejected me because of my purpose. Even the LRTA approved my request for their Registry of Gifts. Hoping you can read this.”

As to this writing, Sass’ post has reached 5000 different reactions from netizens.

Below is Sass' Facebook post:

Source: Facebook