PHOTOS: President Duterte Left Beijing A Limp Fist

It was evident on the pictures posted by Malacañang, a very tired President Rodrigo Duterte who was being directed by his contemporaries in Beijing to a plane heading back home to the Philippines.

Despite the obvious exhaustion, he kept his stand and managed to project his signature pose “Duterte Fist” upon reaching the plane’s entrance.

On another photo, the president had another fist bump pose with his team inside the plane.

It was 2:00 o’clock in the morning on Tuesday when Duterte together with his lineup arrived at the Davao City Airport.

He explained about his long day of negotiations and ceremonies at Beijing.

“I woke up very early yesterday morning. We started our bilaterals and the plenary at 9 o’clock. I haven’t had a wink of sleep since then. But I can take about… How many, Regalado? 50 questions? Sige lang,” said the tired President who still kept his humor.

See Photos below:

Source: Politics