Prominent lawyer defends Pres. Duterte for using first class flight on official business

Impeach Leni Movement spokesperson Atty. Bruce Rivera hits back the pro-yellow online publications for criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte after he got himself a first class flight on official business.

These highlighted publications are acting like they are the victim as Rivera said they are pointing out Duterte broke his promise to go for a travel economy.

Rivera believes it is okay for him to have a comfortable flight in order for him to be healthier and for a job to make it better.

“But is it mortal sin to choose to be comfortable so he could do his job better. After all, as President, he usually gets an automatic upgrade. These are things that you get as perks of the office. And he needs people to go with him. He is doing a job that entails a lot of travel and if we let him travel economy at his age, is like a slow way to kill him. And we do not want that. After all, we allowed much healthier and younger heads of state to travel in style. Are you that insensitive not to give it to him even if he promised the opposite,” said Bruce.

This staunch Duterte supporter also said Duterte has been insisting to take an economy flight, however he had undergone a lot of scenarios which he argues first before he takes his seat, and he got tired of it.

“He honestly insisted to travel economy but everytime, he had to argue his way just to get an economy seat. He got tired arguing. And the same people complaining now are the same people who said having his picture taken in economy was a cheap political stunt. Plane rides are those times he get his much-needed sleep. And as a working President, he should at least deserve that.”

Bruce made this statement after he heard the yellow publications when they portrayed a sensitive attitude about the said issue. He blasted on them poiting out the ‘daang matuwid’ of the past administration.

“And when have you been so sensitive about campaign promises. Someone promised a straight highway and I never heard you shout to high heavens na mas baluktot pa ng titing maton ang nangyari. And yes, yung magpapasagasa sa tren. And these are promises pertaining to public services rendered. Sabi nga ni PRD, sa dami ng budget natin kasi wala nang nakawan, its build build build. Tapos, talak kayo if a few comforts are given to him.”

Below is Atty. Rivera's Facebook post

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera