Read how Krizette Chu defends Duterte from people who blame him for Napoles’ acquittal in her illegal

Writer and avid supporter of Duterte administration, Krizette Laureta Chu burned the bashers after the Court of Appeals has cleared Janet Lim-Napoles for illegal detention case wherein she was allegedly accused to be the one who abducted her second cousin and whistle blower Benhur Luy.

This social media blogger fearlessly hit the people who are now putting the blame once again to President Rodrigo Duterte accusing him to be the brain behind her acquittal.

Using her Facebook account, Chu posted a status wherein she called these bashers as “bandwagoners” who do not do research  and always end up assuming the wrong things.

“Kasi ang justice ng Court of Appeals na si Andres Reyes, Jr. ay inaappoint ni Duterte. Ay hindi pala. Wala palang kinalaman si Duts dito. Andaming lang talaga bandwagoners na di marunong mag research ano po. LOL nakakatawa ang mga ignorante. Pa Change Scamming, Change Scamming pa kayo. Basa basa muna LOL, kaya kayo na sca-scam ng kung ano-anong opinyon at news. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. Di kayo nag iisip,” said Chu.

Chu added it was only the illegal detention case which was dismissed and not her plunder case. In connection to her second case, Chu made a statement that perhaps Napoles’ plunder case are not moving simply because some of the people under the Aquino Administration will also be tagged in the issue.

“Nga pala, bakit walang nangyayari sa plunder case ni Napoles? What happened, Aquino? Too many of your BFFs going to be named in the case? As I've said before when I posted in Aquino's time, I don't want Janet's head. I want her to talk so we can have the name and the head of every government official who dealt with her.”

Krizette concluded that Janet is just one of the thieves who were allowed by the gatekeepers to do what she wanted, and by that she could see the potential in her to be a state witness for graft and corruption of the officials under the past administration.

“I want her to be made state witness because I want the heads of all those government officials who promised us progress and just fucked us up instead. Janet is just another thief who got the chance to steal because she was allowed to by those gatekeepers we ourselves trusted and put in that position who I want to see jailed for all eternity (or hung, if that's possible.) STATE WITNESS NOW NA,” she added.

Below is the full Facebook post of Krizette Chu:

Source: Krizette Chu