READ: A Muslims prayer to all affected in Marawi ISIS Domination

FEU’s Student Leader Haron Ar-Rashid S. Dima, a Muslim whose home is in Marawi posted an emotional message in his Facebook account relating the tragic and terrifying happening in his hometown.

He said that in Marawi, black flags are raised to claim dominion of the city.

And everyone was asked of Religion, where the non-muslim are being taken cared of. He was told that his High School Principal was taken as hostage along with non-muslim who are patiently giving young minds education. And students are running for their lives, away from the threat of fire and bullets.

He was told that his school and their city is on fire. And their hospital was taken over by men in black hoods. Roads were blocked, churces are torched and fire trucks were seized.

Dima also said Hope is frail as of the moment.

"This ignorance of religious respect is on an all time high. This is taking away the culture and the history of Marawi, or my memory of it at least", said Dima

He also mentioned that he grew up with non-Muslim friends and educators. "I am where I am right now because of them. All the people who grew up from where I did are successful because of the community we were raised in".

The student leader insisted tha "Ignorant and false extremist beliefs" should be the ones to be burn not their city.

He ended his post with a plea for prayers and signal for help from religious leaders, Ulamas, and people of high regard and influence to step in and negotiate.

Below is Haron Ar-Rashid S. Dima full Facebook post:

Source: Haron Ar-Rashid S. Dima