READ: Presidential sister reacts on rejection of Gina Lopez' reappointment

Presidential Sister Jocellyn Duterte Villarica was saddened with the rejection of Gina Lopez' reappointment as Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary through her thoughts published in her own Facebook profile.

Villarica said she met Lopez personally and all she can say is that she's a person with a good heart for humanitarian cause.

Jocellyn on the other hand knew what politics is all about and likened public service and politics just like oil and water.

"I met Ms. Gina Lopez personally once, and the impression I got was that of a person who would do things with a great deal of passion and a humanitarian at heart...But I was also aware that such "ideals" could never work in the world of politics. Its like oil and water!" said Villafuerte.

The presidential sister felt bad because she believes she and Lopez share the same vision for public service which the President Rodrigo Duterte is also imbued with---- the passion for change.

"I am sad to see good people with good intentions being wasted in the way they were treated....I once nurtured a desire to go into public service, I too learned my lesson, that public service and politics are worlds apart!...Even the President imbued with the same passion for CHANGE is limited and fighting every inch of the way to get this country to achieved a better tomorrow," she added.

On the lighter note, Jocellyn quoted she is confident that Lopez' rejection will not hinder her from doing what she had started, even she'll be in the background.

"know that what happened to your appointment and lossing your position as DENR Secretary would not stop you in your quest to fullfill your mission in life."

Villarica exclaimed she'll always support Lopez  in all her endeavours.

Below is the full post of Jocellyn Duterte Villarica

Source: Jocellyn Duterte Villarica