Read what's wrong with Callamard's latest tweet about Shabu based on research

A tweet from United Nations special rapporteur Agnes Callamard went viral due to its trivial remark about 'shabu' or a slang term for the prohibited drug methamphetamine.

Political analyst and Social media blogger Sass Rogando Sasot is one of the netizens who also made a research on Callamard's tweet and uploaded it on Facebook.

Sasot screen captured the tweet of Callamard and criticized it pointing out she gave a wrong remark to 'shabu' which according to her isn't harmful to the human brain.

"Prof Carl Hart: There is no evidence Shabu leads to violence or causes brain damage #Philippines drug policy forum," said Callamard in her tweet.

Sasot answered Callamard's tweet highlighting a study in 2014 to prove that he UN rapporteur is wrong.

The research used by Sass was published in September 2012 on trends in neurosciences which discuss the effects of methamphetamine if used by humans or animals.

"Sabi ng tweet nu Callamard wala raw evidence saying that shabu leads to brain damage. So ang research na ito na published sa Trends in Neurosciences in September 2012 at malamang fake news," said Sasot citing a part of the research that mentions the long term effect of shabu in the human brain.

Callamard is the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions at the Officer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights who was spotted during the 30th anniversary of Commission on Human Rights on May 4.

Her speech became controversial because she gave a direct criticism regarding the policy of the country.

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Source: Sass Sasot