Sara answers Communist Party: What mini dictator? I’m big!

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio broke her silence and answered boldly the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP/NPA) for labeling her as a “mini dictator” after she issued a guideline for the people of Davao now that the Mindanao is under martial law by his father, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Using her social media account on Instagram, she answered them that she’s not mini, she’s big instead.

“What mini dictator? I’m big. My friends and those who know me are laughing at me because they know there is nothing mini about me. Napuno na ko ug kantyaw ha. I am 76.3 kilos with big eyes, big teeth and big ears. There is nothing mini about me,” Carpio joked.

The Davao City mayor has put the place under a “hold and secure” status, which is a response to a threat and/or incident in the general vicinity of an area but not on or very near to specific area itself. This aims to ensure necessary security measures are put in place in the southern metropolis after Marawi City has been attacked last Tuesday by allegedly members of the Islamic State-inspired Maute group.

The said guideline orders more the 1.6 million Dabawenyos should consider while the entire Mindanao is under Martial Law.

On the other hand, her brother Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte has showed that he is always at the back of her sister as he hit back the rebels for calling his younger sister a mini dictator.

“Mini dictator? Really, Communist Party of the Philippines? Mayor Inday Sara is a mini dictator because she wanted to protect Davao City and the Dabawenyos from the threats brought by terrorism? Mayor Inday Sara is a mini dictator because she showed strength and political will to confront the dangers that terror groups like Maute and the (CPP-NPA) bring to the public?” he said in a statement posted on Facebook on Saturday.

The Vice Mayor criticized the communist rebels recent order to launch an offensive against the government especially that crisis is still on going in Marawi.

Source: Philstar