Trolls? Duterte’s online soldiers aren’t ‘paid hacks’ says Solon

Heard of trolls? In the Disney Movie Frozen, trolls are speaking stones, but in the Philippines, this is the term used for people who argue or defend people online to create abrupt and strong emotion.

House of Representative Committee Chairman for Appropriations threw the idea of a well-orchestrated “troll army” paid to defend President Rodrigo Duterte in social media.

According to Davao City 1st District Rep. Karlo Alexi Nograles, the multitude of hardline supports exists to defend the president.

Nograles claimed these supporters are real who simply get very emotional whenever the president is being criticized for his actions.

In a statement, Nograles added the president has the respect and reverence after a year of being elected as the head of state. He added that his bashers are trying to discredit the popular support by tagging his army as paid trolls.

“His legion of supporters [is] being unfairly tagged as trolls, but in reality, these are ordinary people who are strong believers of the President. They are not paid hacks. The records will show major gains where past governments have failed and this is the reason why our people are very emotional when their Tatay Digong is being attacked,” said Nograles using the affectionate term coined by Duterte’s supporters.

Nograles said critics are only “trying to create a ruckus” over Mr. Duterte’s regard for the United States and the European Union.

Source: Inquirer