TV Host Mike Lopez calls Lea Navarro 'idiot' for criticizing Duterte re: Marawi Clash

TV host and Executive Producer at Open Mike, Mike Lopez slammed actress and singer Lea Navarro after she published her comments against President Rodrigo Duterte for the Marawi Clash in her social media account on Twitter.

Navarro had several tweets that mentioned 'Where is the president?'

"So these appointments are more important to Duterte than the safety of the people of Marawi. Bad priorities, nasaan ang pangulo? Wala," said Navarro in one ofher tweets.

She only talked about the absence of the president during the time of war and chaos in Marawi.

Lopez on the other hand answered back Navarro pointing out she's an idiot.

He also compared Duterte to some of the LPs.

"Leah Navarro, you criticize Digong who just cut short a planned official trip, who was willing to cancel his important meeting with Putin, so he could be with his people when they need him the most yet you kept mum when Leni went on with a personal trip to New York to attend a family reunion and to meet Louda Lewis when her home province was being ravaged by a typhoon," said Lopez.

The TV host added Leni knew about it that a storm is coming but she still went anyway.

"You don't see the difference? Now you know why I think you're an idiot. You, yes you. You're a raging idiot," he added.

Below is Mike Lopez' full Facebook post:

On the other hand, Duterte declared Martial Law in the entire Mindanano yesterday at 10am.

Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez