VM Paolo Duterte backs up his sister Sara against communist rebels for calling her “mini dictator”

Presidential son and Davao City Vice-Mayor, Paolo Duterte hits back the Communist Party of the Philippines for calling his sister, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio as a “mini-dictator.”

The CPP called Sara after she placed Davao City under a “hold and secure” status.

Using his social media account on Facebook, Paolo stated that his sister’s order was meant to protect Davao City and its people from the threats brought by terrorism.

“Mayor Inday Sara is a mini dictator because she wanted to protect Davao City and the Dabawenyos from the threats brought by terrorism?

Mayor Inday Sara is a mini dictator because she showed strength and political will to confront the dangers that terror groups like Maute and the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army bring to the public?

You call her mini dictator because she has no respect for you or to your dying cause as she refuses to be intimidated, harassed, or bullied by you, by the NPAs, and by your front organizations?” said Paolo n his Facebook status.

The Vice Mayor also added the this rebel group‘s current order to launch an offensive up against the administration showed their “Desire to overthrow the government.”

‘Your recent order for the NPA to launch offensive against the government, while the Marawi crisis is raging, exposes your natural opportunistic tendencies to ally with the enemies of the state just for you to push forward your desire to overthrow the government and seize power.”

He also gave attention to NPA’s contribution to alleviate poverty as a defender of freedom and the oppressed when they only did chaos and rebellious act..

“Every single time you detonate a bomb, attack an establishment, burn construction equipment, murder peasants and tribal leaders, abduct soldiers, or conduct extortion activities, you are denying the people the opportunity to dream, to work without fear, and welcome and embrace development that truly liberate them from their miserable conditions. What are your good contributions to the nation? None,” he added.

Below is Paolo Duterte's Facebook post:

Source: Paolo Duterte