Watch how a foreigner manage to adore Ph despite of trip advisories

A foreign travel blogger became a social media personality after his Philippines sojourn viral.

Kyle Jennerman, 29 years old Canadian Citizen said there is X factor in the country which made him stay here.

According to this travel buff, it was his Filipino coworkers in Hong Kong who influenced him to visit the country since he was able to visit 29 countries already before he landed in the Philippines.

"I worked in Hong Kong with 15 Filipinos. Imagine this I've been living in 29 countries around the world but I thought that Philippines is a strange country, I said I don't want to go there, I don't know," said Jennerman.

He said it was January 2017 when he came back to the Philippines and stayed for three weeks.

He felt overwhelmed with the hospitality of the Filipino people.

"They offer to change my bed sheet from time to time, cooked and served me with Pinoy Adobo," said Jennerman when asked about what he much liked in the Country.

He also added that he see Filipinos as agent of happiness.

"During those three weeks, I haven't experienced the feeling that Filipinos are glad to share happiness. That's awesome, that's good vibes. Filipinos are friendly people," he added.

According to Kyle, when he went back home, he felt a missing piece in his heart and he decided to come back in the country.

At present he is now living in Cagayan de Oro and will continue to explore the 7107 islands of the Philippines.

During his stay here, he already learned some Filipino words.

"Nakatira ako ngayon sa Cagayan de Oro," he said in Filipino.

Watch the video below!

Source: ANC 24/7