WATCH: Sass Sasot slams Callamard, Gascon for the special rapporteurs speech content

Political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot slammed Dr. Agnes Callamard who gave her speech as a Special Rapporteur of the United Nations in an event held in University of the Philippines.

Sasot blasted on Callamard for she didn't followed her mandate given by the UN when visiting as a special rapporteur.

"You know what I don't really have a problem with the Special Rapporteurs because they have a job to do but they have to do their job according to their mandate," said Sass.

The political analyst added Callamard came for academic mission however she said things that criticized directly the policy of the Philippines.

"Academic missions. This is a very creative way for Callamard to come in the Philippines. Academic mission but her speech is clearly criticizing on what's going on in the country, she is engaging herself in partisan politics. And that is not allowed, she's overstepping on to her mandate."

According to Sasot, Callamard's mandate stated in the UN website are the following: transmit unrgent appeals to the government; undertake country visit to understand situation; and submit annual reports to the Human Rights Council.

Sass also mentioned Chito Gascon and the lawyers of Sen Leila De Lima who organized the event.

"Nasaan dito yung academic mission. Eh nagdeliver siya ng speech criticizing the policy of this sovereign state. Ginagago niyo ang UN Gascon at mga abogado ni De Lima for your political interest."

As to this writing, Sass' video generated 5900 mixed reactions

Watch the video below!

Source: For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot