Well-known Filipina writer shares admiration to Duterte: You will appreciate everything about him

“Duterte’s actios and words may not make sense now, but he’s a madman for the change he visualizes for the country.”

This has been the theme of a prominent writer and avid Duterte Administration supporter, Krizette Laureta Chu in Mindanation published, May 22.

Chu presented situations in which the President shown care for the country including its people even some are leftist and belongs to the opposition.

One of these was Dutere’s remarks that Joma Sison is sick and he pledge to pay for his hospitalization.

On the other hand, Krizette said every Duterte’s moves are well calculated which she likened to a chess player who can envision what ending would the game be.

“Every move in Duterte’s arsenal of moves is well calculated, which is why we are often anxious and impatient as to why things take long. But a great chess player doesn’t just make his move as a reaction to his opponent’s move. A great chess player has patience, and has seen the game through to the very end. He has long-range vision, and does not react on a per move basis,” said Chu.

In addition, this writer also tackled the reason why she remains loyal and devoted to the President. Krizette said Duterte has done enough that brought change to the country.

“All I can say is one year after I remain devoted to the man because the more I understand him, the more I appreciate him. Look at how simple cursing has elevated him into being a major player. Look at how a simple invective hurled at Obama has made China and Russia re align and consider us. Re WPS issue, our ambassador and Beijing’s representative, in reaction to Duterte’s pronouncement that China will wage war, started talks that have touched on this issue,” she added.

At the end of her blog, Krizette shared about the small talk she had with the President and narrated how humble he was.

“Someday, when the dust has settled, you will appreciate everything Duterte is doing for this country,” Krizette concluded.

Source: Mindanation