Alejano says it's not fun to be called Philippines, wants country to be renamed

This is odd but would this be given a chance?

Image from Pinoy Trending News

Magdalo party-list Representative Gary Alejano believes the country should be renamed since the  "Philipines"was given by the Spaniards.

Using House Bill 5867, Alejano proposed the creation of a Geographic Renaming Commission to study on what the new name of the country should be.

Given a time frame of one year, the proposed commission will come up with a new name. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, The National Historical Commission of the Philippines, and the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino will embody the said proposed commission.

The Magdalo party-list said it's about time for the country to have a new name decided on by the people since several nations that have been colonized have already renamed their pre-colonial name.

Through the said move, it would give the country a sense of national pride and identity as a free people.

On the other hand, Alejano said the Philippine's identity has been "muddled" because of several colonizers who ruled the country.

"Felipenas, FIlipinas, Pilipinas, Philippines- which of these is the correct name for our country? It is high time for us to have a nae which benefits us and is universal to all," said Alejano.

Source: Politics