Angara positive for Duterte's signature on SUCs free tuition fee

Vice Chairman of Senate Education Committee, Senator Sonny Angara is optimistic that President Rodrigo Duterte will sign the into law the bill which gives access for poor students to go to tertiary education in state universities and colleges.

The senator said Duterte might sign in on or before his second State of the Nation Address.

"I am very optimistic that the President will sign this on or before his scheduled State of the Nation Address in July. It could be the biggest and best announcement for all of us that day," he said.

House Bill No. 5633 which seeks to strengthen the Unified Student Financial Assistance System (UniFAST) has been approved by the House of Representative on its third and final reading.

"With this law, even the financially-incapable Filipino families can give their children college education without worrying how to pay for it because it will be free," Angara added.

According to the Senator this will be a big sigh of relief for parents since teritary education is costly.

Angara who is the son of the former Senate President Edgardo Angara also said he will push a bill seeking for the provision of 20% transportation discount on all days.

Source: Inquirer