Associate Justice Bersamin says trust Duterte on martial law

"Just trust the good judgment of the president."

Image from GMA Network

This has been the conviction of Supreme Court Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin during the oral arguments if petitioners are unable to show a proof that the declaration of martial law has insufficient basis.

Bersamin emphasized the proclamation may be sufficient and he is willing to presume good faith and regularity on the part of government in the absence of evidence indicating otherwise.

During his discussion of lawyer Ephraim Cortez during Day 1 of oral arguments on President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of martial law in Mindanao, Bersamin emphasized that the burden of proof of showing the proclamation is invalid falls on the petitioners.

"Make an argument on the burden of proof,because this is a big thing for me," said Bersamin while grilling Cortez, pointing out his standard of proof.

He added Cortez isn't providing them material to review.

"I cannot compel the President, you know that very well," Bersamin retorted.

 "You leave that to the good judgment of the court, as you would leave the proclamation of martial law to the good judgment of the President," Bersamin concluded.

Source: Rappler