Bishop blasts on Maute group for devastating cathedral, holy images in Marawi City

Catholic Bishop based in Mindanao slammed the Maute terrorist group for devastating the cathedral and religious images during the Marawi City siege.

Marawi Bishop Edwin dela Peña criticized the terrorist group’s act of burning the church and crushing statutes of the crucified Jesus Christ and mama Mary as stomping on Catholic faith.

The bishop claimed their act is blasphemous.

“That is blasphemy! It’s unacceptable. It’s obvious that their actions are really out of this world. It’s demonic,” he said in an article posted on the news website of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

In a video which went viral on Facebook last Monday, a clip showed armed men going inside the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Marawi.

These armed men were seen stomping and destroying the images of Jesus Christ, Mary, St. Joseph, and even tearing up posters of Pope Francis.

Some parts of the façade were seen being set on fire by the terrorists and some of them are only teenagers.

Bishop De La Peña said the information reached them saying the Maute was planning to destroy and burn the church even before the first day of Marawi siege.

“We are angered by what happened. Our faith has really been trampled on,” the prelate lamented.

Source: Inquirer