Columnist hits Trillanes on his latest meltdown: Trillanes probably thought he would score easy points against Duterte

Veteran writer and columnist Jojo Robles lambasted Senator Antonio Trillanes in his lates article which discussed about the latest meltdown of the senator.

Image from GMA News

Being one of the furious critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, Trillanes in his BBC HARDTalk Show spoke ill things about the President which made the anchor Stephen Sackur knocked him down.

Robles said the BBC talk show has made its research about the president which made the humiliation of Trillanes for speaking insignificant things about the war on drugs.

"Asked about the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Philippines, Trillanes came up with the totally incredible and unsupported claim that the number of drug addicts was a lot less than what Duterte and his officials are saying. He even denied that “shabu”—known abroad as crystal meth—was the drug of choice in the Philippines, saying that marijuana was actually the most abused narcotic in the land," said Robles.

Sackur lambasted Trillanes when he wasn't able to defend what ademocrat was and answered he belonged to the nacionalista party.

"Trillanes probably thought he would score easy points against Duterte in an interview with yet another clueless foreign journalist. Little did he know that Sackur and his team actually wanted to get to the bottom of Trillanes’ opposition to the president," Robles added.

Robles concluded to expect Trillanes to keep trying to redeem himslef after his meltdown by making even more and more outlandish accusations against Duterte.