Columnists slams BBC HARDTalk's propagandist: The best way to asses is to watch for yourself

Manila Bulletin columnist Leandro Coronel has a message for BBC HARDtalk interview with Sen. Antonio Trillanes propagandists on how to assess his performance.

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In his recent column published June 28, Coronel epmhasized that the fairest way to do the assessment is to atch the full interview with yourself.

"Senator Sonny Trillanes went on BBC channel’s “HardTalk” chat show recently. The fairest way to assess how he did is for everyone to watch the whole interview and not rely on others’ opinion," aid Coronel.

According to the writer, Stephen Sackur is a tough interviewer who puts his interviewee in an intimidating situation, however the past anchors are tougher than him.

"Sackur usually sides with the underdog. With Trillanes, Sackur surprisingly took the side of the top dog, President Duterte. Consistently, Sackur made Duterte look like the good guy and Trillanes as a pesky troublemaker. That was a departure from HardTalk’s usual sympathy for the underdog," he added.

Coronel on the other hand stressed that Trillanes was up to the task and he stood his ground with Sackur and gave as much as he took.

He slammed Duterte's supporter who are on social media.

"On social media, Duterte fans averred that Trillanes did poorly against Sackur, and that Sackur toyed with him. That is plain nonsense. Those who say that must have watched a different interview. Or they have other motives for saying so. Pro-Duterte observers bash critics of the administration relentlessly and with language that makes the squeamish nauseous and old ladies blush. Trillanes’ BBC interview got its share of bashing in order to devalue its potency," Coronel said.

He believes that Trillanes responded to Sackur with confidence even though he has nothing new to tell.

"When people react to what some personality has said in a press interview or posted on social media, it means the reactors felt the sting of what was said. Depending on their partisan slants, observers put out their spin on how Trillanes performed on HardTalk. Pro-Duterte pundits claim Sackur played with Trillanes. Anti-Duterte observers say Trillanes did very well," Coronel emphasized slamming Duterte's online army.

The author concluded his opinion encouraging people to watch the full interview and do not let others influence someone's opinion.

Source: Manila Bulletin