Duterte dumps negotiation ideas with Maute: War will not end until last terrorist is taken out

President Rodrigo Duterte has disregarded reports about the Moro Islamic Liberation Front has offered to intervene between the government and the Maute group to ease the tension in the marawi City war.

Image from PhilStar

Duterte in an interview with reporters said he doesn't think the group is inclined to intervene.

"I don't think the MILF is inclined to do that, I was with MILF chair Al-Hajj Murad last night, they also hate what is happening," said Duterte.

After a month since May 23, the Marawi war continues to rage when the President declared martial law in Mindanao to quash the takeover of Marawi by Maute and other terrorists allied with Abu Sayyaf and ISIS.

Earlier on Tuesday, Duterte revealed that he had frank discussions with Moro leaders where he told them it will not ent until the last terrorist is taken out.

"If it will end tomorrow, I will be the happiest man in this nation," said Duterte hoping the war would end soon.

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