Duterte earns praise all over the globe for his epic response to a journalist

President Rodrigo Duterte earned massive praise from netizens all over the globe for his tough but emotional response to a journalist who asked him about the rising number of killings in the Philippines.

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In a press briefing, a UK Correspondent based in Asia named Jonathan Miller asked Duterte about the alleged 'national death squad' who kills criminals in the country without complying to legal processes.

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"The number of people who've been killed in the Philippines since you came into power 6 weeks ago have risen to around a thousand. Now I know you have been contemptuous of your critics but they are accusing you of unleashing a national death squad. Where is this going to end? Because some are saying that the social fabric of the Philippines is at risk here," said Miller in the media briefing.

On the other hand, the president gave a lengthy yet powerful response to the question pointing out that no matter what will happen, Duterte himself will take the responsibility of these alleged killings.

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"In the distant past no police will ever work and risk their lives. It was a practice before that's why I said I take full responsibility because they are now encouraged and brave enough to have shoot off. The standard practice in this system of government is tat when you accuse him, they would always file a counter charge," Duterte answered.

The former mayor also shared his experience in dealing with this kind of discipline when he ruled Davao City.

"When I was a mayor, I told them go ahead, do your duty. But if you feel that you're carrying out your duty, you will get killed. My God, shoot him first," he added.

Duterte also compared the killings during the past administration and up to presnet saying that those people who killed in the past were innocent people.

"Compare to the number of deaths of the drug personalities during my administration to the previous administration, and you will realize that the number of deaths is the same. It's just that, those who were killed in the past were the innocent ones," he said.

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When CNN Philippines uploaded the video on social media platform Facebook, netizens all over the globe praised Duterte for taking a brave stand on the topic which left the journalist speechless.

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